Sweet Potato Cafe


About This Deal

Welcome to Sweet Potato Café, where delicious food meets freshness! Our farm-to-table cuisine means we use the freshest ingredients to make your meals taste amazing and be super healthy. Imagine homemade biscuits, cobbler, and hand-cut fries all made with the goodness of vitamin-rich sweet potatoes.

For lunch, you can pick from our sandwich menu or try one of our salads made with fresh lettuces. What about one of our loaded sweet potatoes. At dinner, our chefs create tasty dishes with the harvest of the day, including veggies from our own garden and those of local farmers who care about the environment. And if you have a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered with our yummy homemade desserts.

We care about the planet too! Our veggies are grown without harmful chemicals, and we support local farmers who believe in sustainable agriculture. Plus, we serve free trade organic coffee. If you’re in the mood for something stronger, ask about our wine and beer options.

When you come to Sweet Potato Café, you’ll enjoy a casual dining experience in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. We’ve got WIFI and soft music. As an Atlanta native once said, “Food is essential to life. Therefore make it good.” Our chefs are here to make that happen, and our kitchen door is always open. Come visit us and experience the hospitality of Sweet Potato Café

Store Hours

Weekdays: Wednesday
Open: 12:00 pm
Close: 7:00 pm
Weekends: Sunday
Open: 10:00 am
Close: 8:00 pm